Best Boss Ever! Characteristics that make a great leader

At the beginning of my career, I was fortunate enough to join a Web Development company as an intern and later graduated to a full-time employee. Most importantly,  I was fortune to join the workforce under great leadership. I am talking about working for someone that to do this day I consider the Best Boss Ever. Each leader is different but there are few characteristics that makes the person and the boss. Allow me to share what made my boss the best for me.

Should I partner with my client?

As a freelance developer, I am often faced with requests to “partner up” on projects. This is usually the case when a client recognizes your mad skills and think that you would be a great addition to their Startup. At first, the thought of moving from a gig to being an actual partner might sound alluring but be wary that being a partner may not be in your best interest. Here’s a few things based on my experience that you should look out for

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